Monday, 11 August 2014

☯☓ Boom Clap ☓☯

Like a fairytale

In our cool jerseys! (really love it hehe)

It was a productive day today, I would say. Camped at Novena Starbucks and studied my ass off - Human Geography, Literature and Math. Chek could only come later, but I still had a productive time before he arrived :-)

However, I feel quite bad that I got really impatient with Chek when he was trying to teach me math and give me tips that are helpful for exams :-( Sometimes, it is not easy having your loved ones be harsh and to hear the truth / be corrected by them. Sometimes, when their tone changes slightly, it can come off as hurtful. Well, at least that was how I felt. I know it's wrong, so I pray that God will give me more patience with the people I love.

It's strange how it's a common perception that you will automatically be more patient and endearing to your loved ones, but I think it might actually be the total opposite. You do not want to offend someone you are not close with because it will come off as being rude and nobody wants to have a bad reputation that may spread.

However, when it comes to the people you are closest to,
you expect them to understand you inside and out,
you expect them to treat you with100%  kindness and attention,
you expect them to know your pet peeves and not irritate you.

But, that just is not fair to them, is it? So please, God, give me this strength to be mindful and let my loved ones bloom like flowers :-)

Random buy of the day: A BRAND NEW BIKE

Still feels kind of surreal that I have a bike? I really hope it lasts and I want to make sure I can take good care of him. Oh! I did not mention that I named him Mike :-) Pronounced mike-y ^_^ Can't wait to take him to East Coast Park and ride beside the ocean!

I think Mike looks really cool and I am happy his wheels are sturdy and strong, especially for a sometimes-careless/reckless rider like me... hehe ^_^||

Last long, buddy!