Thursday, 20 October 2016

Trial Period

Quite like the photos selected for this post because it encapsulates my responsibilities in university now. hahaha how nice: homework/project/GPA isn't here ;-----) Anyway, yeah it's 4:25AM and I have 9:30AM Malay... However, I jst really want to write out my feelings before I go to bed. I also quite like how y blog is really becoming a place for me to let out my emotions - every post is time spent for myself, which is rare this 2k16, sadly.

 Leading is not easy, and I feel like this experience as a dance capt has really shown me that. I've taken up some leadership roles before but I think this is the most intensive one where I have to be in front and lead. I guess as a leader, you can just do whats in your job scope and
1) teach them how to dance
2) make sure they know HOCC steps

But I really want to make a change for Hall Dance culture here in Hall Dua haha. Even if it's a tiny bit I hope I do make a difference in my leadership. Actually, a little stressed because I also want it to be as fun as last year (yep, trying to live up to expectations of predecessors gehhh). I know it'll be hard because those who were 'on' are gone and we've got to start anew. Honestly, it was pretty difficult the past few weeks because I really could not feel a bond with the team and within the team itself. I was worried but all my commitments also piled up and it distracted me from attending to the issue as well. I must really thank JJ for sharing his own take on the HOCC journey with his hall. Even though the advice was not directed to me, I felt that it really enlightened me on how to approach Hall Dance. At the same time, it is also pressure on myself to be a better captain to the dancers. I hope I will continue to grow n patience in understanding from their point of view, so that training will become more enjoyable.

However, after today's discussion for HO's theme I feel a little more relieved. I think it's because it's the first time we really sat down as a (almost) full team to just talk and get to know each other on a deeper level. There are more levels (or layers of the 'onion') to reach but this is a good start :-) We all gave our ideas for HO and talked about what styles we preferred to dance for HO and asked for feedback. After which, some of us went to have supper and that's cool :-) I guess it's really time to INVEST; and from there hope that the love we give will be love received in the near future.

Honestly, I truly feel that the dancers have potential. Maybe it's the 'captain' side talking, hoping and believing that great things can happen with time and love. However, I still see the great potential for them to grow as the weeks go by. I hope to be able to provide to their needs/wants in the next, very short, months to come :-)

Group photo at H2GT. Just realised Pearly and I didn't take a photo together :-( Haha, glad we did that PPAP performance together! Actually since Year 1 I was looking forward to doing a dance performance with her at H2GT but we had OMC so hahaha. YAY! Glad that everyone enjoyed the performance and that we got to do it twice some more!

Okay, back to Zebrös HAHA. Another family I made in Uni/Hall, and I can confidently say the one I am most thankful for??? I consider them the closest friends I have in uni. They are quite the reason that I am thankful that I took on OMC last year when I look back.The seniors are amazing individuals and the babies are just as amazing :') I hope Zijing and my efforts continue and that it'll reach their hearts!! However, it has really not been easy trying to stay connected to them (especially on an individual level) because of the increasing amount of things we all need to do - projects, presentations, ccas, hall commitments etc. I hope that after all the work lessens, we will all meet up again :-) 

HNN 2016
Never in my life would I believe/convince myself that I would go for any kind of horror-related activities. I am the kind of person who believes that one should not pay money to be scared. However, for the zebrös babies, I will. HAHAHA. Sounds like I am easily swayed but it's true - the only way to spend time with them is to join them haha. But honestly, I really do not regret my decision :-) I conquered 3 haunted houses and with the great help of all of those ^^^ who came :-) I guess it goes with the saying, "if it is important, you will find a way."

COMM 16/17!!!!
Haha, I notice my posts getting shorter and shorter because I am tireeeed. It's 4:47AM so I have spent 20 minutes on this.

Yay to our first performance as a full comm together~ Actually, I really wish I could spend more time with them- which would be outside whatever duties we have, But I know, for now at least, that is quite impossible HAHA. Everyone is tied down with so much stuff to do it's quite insane really. I want to get to know them better but I am also a little intimidated hahaha maybe because majority of them are seniors and seem more comfortable with each other and when I try to interact sometimes it does not go through LOL. I hope I am not overthinking and I won't let this feeling take over me and continue trying! YOSH!

Okay, goodnight because my eyes are tired haha.