Friday, 7 October 2016

All The Way Up

Haha, I really want to sleep and wake up for OG breakfast tomorrow but I also really want to pen this down before I forget to remind myself of things I need to work on in the near future (like actually from today onward).

Regarding our camp event AAR, I feel bad realizing how selfish I was as an individual - only concerning myself with my own responsibilities and lacking to look out for my own people. Yes, I did help in my own ways but like what I've learnt in the past months of 2016 - always have your comm's back. Knowing that each of us want the best for the club makes me even more ashamed at my behaviour. It's like I've altered/mutated this pure goal we have and that I have of myself too. It's sad to know that there isn't any more major events that we can work together on and improve together on but with whatever events we have left, I really want to make it up to everyone and prove to ourselves and myself that we can do it together so much better. I still hold on to the feeling that I am truly blessed to be working under each and every one of them and that we can make it a good year. Glad we talked everything out and that now we are more aligned on the same page :-)

On another note, CP is done!! Was indeed quite nervous because it seemed like I lost touch (and was never really good at) with urban haha. Still (I would say) pretty proud of myself for pushing my limits and exploring myself in this genre :-) Pat's choreo today was tough though haha; I was really not in it (and so were a few people too!! dancer blues haha). 

Par & Vinh's class tomorrow omg omg hahaha I foresee a repetition of December dance workshops BUT let's just hope for the best HOHO.

Another thing I want to congratulate myself on is: I DID NOT FALL ASLEEP DURING MALAY LESSON TODAY!! haha, this just reminds me of how Erica always like to congratulate us on small things we accomplished. To an extent I think it's pretty neat - like we give ourselves too much stress and expectation, so once in a while really praise yourself for accomplishing small goals because it's not easy for anyone. But I think its is because of my quiz grades, that's why I do not dare to fall asleep HAHA!

Haha wow there's actually a lot I want to type out and this post has no direction whatsoever but who cares. Kind of read this article about how OG whatsapp groups in uni die out, and I find it really applicable hoho. Like what my hall papi said before - it takes more than just 1 individual to keep a group alive. It's really hard, and sometimes I feel frustrated because my time has already been split 6 different ways. It's hard for me to continuously try to single-handedly bring people together all the time. But really thankful for these polar babies for being pretty active. I just hope that in those days where I can't afford to be active, they won't leave each other :'( Okay, HAHA let's try to end this post on a high.

Glad that recess week events were pretty successful despite all the last minute planning and occasional miscomms. I am very thankful for all the people I am working with this year and that it's all dance-related. I foresee a very very busy second semester ahead but I know it'll be worth it :-) AND I WILL LEARN BREAKING !!!! hehe ^_^ 

To better communication skills; time management; dance improvement; work-life balance.