Monday, 19 September 2016


Y2S1 has been really hectic - but riding on my desire to blog more I just wanted to post some pictures of some groups that have been here with me in the past 2 months or so.

MJ COMM 16/17
Still remember feeling like the ultimate xiao mei mei next to everyone in the comm because everyone is so zai and good at what they do. Still feel a little like that but happy to know that I am contributing more :-) [adding how a senior recently commented on how we are not juseniors but seniors now so we should also full out contribute back like any other senior, which I thought was a really relevant point.]

I guess such a comm is really different from whatever I have experienced before (OMC). Previously, there was a mentor to guide me and tell me what I need to do. However, now it's like OTOT haha! Which is pretty cool but can be stressful too if you don't keep track of what duties you have. However, I don't regret joining because I have learnt so much and have a lot of fun with these cuties! It's a different feeling being with people who have the same goal in mind, which is to make it a good year for MJ. Super thankful for everyone's guidance and care :')

Thankful to my zai partner Gladys for making my entrance into more in-depth pnp work so much more smoother and for her jst being there to push me to be a better pnp ^_^ It's like I want to become better for them hoho (oh dear, just suddenly remembered that I have to choreo finish my CP soon...)

I was honestly very shocked (by the scare from Nicole HAHA) to see the cute cute balloon and a box of delicious cupcakes from these 2 HEHE!!! Thankful that we have not really changed when we are together even after so long :') Y'all are my babies for life. I will play with your children and be their godma IDC HEHE!

Really thankful for these two and I am excited to see what we can do with our own weirdness and individual strengths. Like I honestly feel we are all good in certain areas and can complement each other :> Wanted to thank them properly for the hectic 1.5 months of handling DnD because it was really crazy and I was so grateful to them for always covering for each other when we took turns to be sick and got sick together hahaha. Seeing them both grow in dance and leadership areas also really makes me happy too hoho!

Zebrös cutiepies.
Will always be thankful for them?? They are really like my new family in hall and I don't want to lose them >_< Can't wait for our lantern party on Wednesday. Must really thank the super zai seniors who made them so bonded as well and made their camp experience an awesome one :-) 

Thankful that Pearly and I rushed down to spend some time with the OG (orientation group or original gangster huh hoho). Stanley's steak was a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!! Officially in love with BBQs now. Hopefully Pearly and I can make a nice Jyrah shirt design that will make Yunting & JJ happy hehe! 

Pigeons 16/17! Missing Joel though :-(
This was our very first session together and oh my gosh haha they look really sweaty and tired in this picture. Must have been a shag night! But still happy to have gotten to know them better and also eat with them | joke with them ^_^ Really a lively bunch of people to spend almost every night of the week with ahahha.

Family bamily
Was really happy to see papa chinz again after so long and yay we got to eat dim sum! Thankful that my family understands my busy schedule and makes time for me when I am free :'( Though I wish I could spend more time with.

Also very thankful to foo chek siang who still has the energy and love within him to make me laugh and take care of me when I get to see him over the weekends <3 Please don't leave me because you are the most adorable fat pug who will take care of me and accept my strange behaviours hehe. 

Main Zebrös Dnd comm(????) Haha joking but these group of individuals deserve a big round of applause. I am so glad that they helped everyone out to make the dnd video & costumes possible and had so much fun with it :-) I know they'll be tight in the years in hall to come and I hope along the way the other zapszaps will come and join along too! 

Cute juniors!! Minus Cheryl :-( I still have not passed her her note sobs.
A really sincere group of kids with some crazy ones HAHAHA but in a good way ^_^ Happy that I get to welcome them to MJ and be there for them if they ever need help. I still do not know what I did to deserve their love and compliments along the way though >_<

It seemed so long ago when Xuezhen asked me if I wanted to choreo for this SMU performance. It seemed so long ago that Xueting and I were choreographing too haha. Nonetheless, even though our music messed up, everything was super fun ^_^ Chill(er) dance pracs while learning from Jason and Qiaoyi made everything worth it. Might not have been a part of SUAD but I got to know a lot of these seniors and even my own batch mates better :-)