Monday, 19 September 2016

Hall Camp & Zebrös

Some snapshot from our internal OMC Comm CAGL Dance vetting haha! 

2nd last night before Camp Hoo Gah!! Pretty proud of the final outcome :-) Glad to see the cute freshies still using the bag around in school too HEHE!! Guess the sleepless nights were worth it!

Zebrös Mascot!!! Thanks Pearly for the awesome drawing and I am happy with the final version of it :)

Dope first night because we won the $200!!! Haha, and was really proud because we combined everyone's ideas together and won too hehe.

Beach day! Aka the turning point for everyone because the zapzap's competitive side came out HAHA! Was initially pretty afraid to lead such a big group of kids but I am glad everyone had fun together and of course so much thanks to the seniors for being there with me :-)

Walk with these Bionic dancers because the freshies did not want me to see their cheer creation HAHA! SO Chomel (trying to salvage my Malay because this coming Thursday there's a test sobs.

YAY because we won cheer fight!! From Jyrah to Zebrös sia hehe!

SP Night! All the previous 3 months of hard work paid off while I was re-watching the performances by the CAGLS :')

Adorble kids planned this (fail) surprise for me :') but I really didn't expect anything so it was so lovely ^_^ THEY BOUGHT ME A HUGE POLAR BEAR OMG. Such memories hehe. Re-reading all the hand written notes when I feel low (and have the time to do so haha). Really blessed to have them come into Hall 2 and be my keeds hehe!!

Surprising Zijing too with his photoboard and cards ^_^ This photo is dope because of the gun flare hoho! 

A lot of updates to come and I just want to start now because I've been wanting to post for so long but school has been too crazy for me to even breathe for a moment. Sounds exaggerated but I am sad to say that it's not haha. I hope the day comes where I can wake up without putting consecutive alarms / where I can not feel like sleeping all the time / where I can have time to watch Youtube videos and not feel guilty.

Other than that, I guess this post was just for me to remember some of these moments because my memory is so poor HAHA! But also to remind myself of what great kids I have because they'd done really a lot for each other and the seniors :-) I sincerely hope that they will stay together and hang out as friends and not just as OG (goals for myself too). On the same point, it's a bit sad to know that all my other commitments reduces the time I have with them but I will keep trying to stay close and be there for them HEHE! Okay, better go sleep soon because 9:30am Melayu class.