Monday, 27 October 2014

Riding @ Botanical Gardens

Went on a nice, proper date with Chek after some time! :-) Felt really good to de-stress and get away from all the studying and spend it at one of my favourite places in Singapore:
The Botanical Gardens!

Sad to say it’s really crowded on Sundays and I’d prefer it to be less empty, but on the bright side at least I get to see children playing and other cool things ^_^

We decided to bring the Globe mini skateboard to give it a spin, hehe. It was really fun!! The garden has some smooth pavements, which make for easy, breezy riding.

Also, really glad I brought my camera and new lens along because I got some nice pictures!

Afterwards we went to Tanglin Mall to chill and get a quick dinner. I really like the place – they have a cozy-looking Starbucks that seems like a great place to study, they have NANDOS (which I love), they have the Marketplace, Paul’s Bakery and so many more cool shops! Really need to spend some time exploring it after ‘A’s hehe.

163 Tanglin Road

Opening Hours:

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Singapore: Novena Park

Just decided to show a little treasure found within the Novena neighbourhood in Singapore. I know Novena isn’t as iconic or big as other communities like Toa Payoh, Bedok or Jurong. In fact, I think we are counted under Toa Payoh, haha! However, I am still happy to live in the area, which never fails to bring little joy to the days passing by.

Did you know that Novena has it’s own park?? How cool is that! Haha, yes yes it is really (really) small but still is magical in its own way ^_^

Hmm, I think the point I wanted to make is that Singapore’s nature or the nature it wants to create is very unique. We are quite tight up on land but yet the urban developers have never failed to add a touch of greenery in everywhere you go!
I am very thankful for that :-)

Saturday, 25 October 2014

✿ 1 3 A 0 6 ✿

Just some recent photos from my phone of these funny kids :-) Decided to edit them because I got tired of studying hehe!

Globe Mini from Carousell

Bought my Globe Mini board from this guy!!

Really happy with my buy, I got it for $70 off Carousell. My favourite colour is orange so when my friend found me this offer I was pretty pumped! Some other seller was putting up a Penny for $100 - when I asked him for $90 ($80 at first) he replied coldly, "$99 at Pasir Ris". First, that's way too far for me to travel and he did not even ask where it would be convenient for me. Second, that $1 discount is way to stingy man. Plus, I really did not like the way he replied.

However, the seller of this Globe Mini was really friendly and nice too! He offered to bring the board to where I told him was convenient for me :-) Thanks, man!!

I like that it is quite flexible and makes for easy turns ^_^

Been just skating around a little and I feel like I am getting the hang of it! 

Tiramisu Hero

Not my first time eating from Tiramisu Hero, but I actually enjoyed it more than before! :-) Dad bought back the original flavour, which is coffee ^_^ This round I had more time to admire the lovely packaging and took some photos hehe. The black jar caps with the logo imprinted on it really gives the product a sleek look.

The last time I tried the chocolate flavour, and it was really good!

Here's their cafe menu as well as the menu for their tiramisu flavours :-)

 121 Tyrwhitt Road


Opening Hours:

Phone Number:
6292 5271

Price: $$