Friday, 26 February 2016

2 0 1 5 // 2 0 1 6

Rare town dates with bebe foo 

When you find out your boyfriend went to GBTB with you only because it was your monthsary hahaha.  

The Christmas lights were really pretty ^_^ These remind me of cherries and fruit cake, both of which I do not like.


Best New years celebration party ever? Though I indirectly made someone puke a lot and this resulted in the henceforth clogged sink of Kaiwei's house... HEH 

Christmas gathering at the chin crib with these cuties! I am enjoying this gift exchange practice because it's fun to get people gifts based on how well you know them haha - and within a budget!

NAT'S 21st

Got a terrarium!!!! On my list of plant things I want to own in my life hehe. Imagining how m house will be decorated with these beautiful mini plants.

(Such a nice photo) One of those shots that convince me that I want a GoPro. 

CS2008 Photo assignment! 

Finally I have my own succulent!! Though I think I got ripped of for $8 per plant and the roots aren't even grown into the soil??? HaLP