Sunday, 30 August 2015

Hall 2 Pageant 2015

Our first meeting: awkward bunch of pigeons.
(missing Joyce :<) 

(photos taken during practices to unglam to share on social media thus this shall suffice)

GETTING OUR GOWNS! Haha, first experience with such things. Look at these glam girls, weet weet~ 

^ After gown fitting shag faces ^

COSTUME PICKING!!!!! Funnest experience ever hehehe :-) Really thankful that I was given this opportunity to try out such things that may come once in a lifetime.

 But seriously, WHO WEARS THESE?

Not too sure whether we are pigeons hahaha.

THE BIG DAY |29/8/15

Aw yis, we got our hair done - looking fine as hurlllll hahaha! 



The amount of support from Jyrah :')

Not much to say but a simple "Thank You."
Once a pigeon, always a pigeon! Thanks for being so sporting and fun even when it got tiring. Every one of you are so talented and capable :-) I know it is not the end ^_^

Monday, 3 August 2015

Hall 2 FOC 2015: CAMP VAM BAM

The night Pearly and I arrived!! Sad that we did not help make the OG flag :-( Still glad that everyone took us in pretty fast ^_^

BEACH DAY: Qin Ta and his belly hahaha!

The seniors are too nice - ice cream, Gong Cha - WELFARE TOO UPZ!! 

HAHAHA, this picture needs no caption.  

Jyrah's cheer showcase - messed up or not, I felt the high when we were up there together!
(Please take note of Hilmi, Zhe Kai and Shiyi in this picture omg) 


- Pearly Pearly -

NTU Amazing Race! Pearly and I being awkward beans with NO CAMP SHIRT SOBS :-( 

Chalet time // sleepy time 

SP Day! Won't ever forget how we went for our movie date in a group of 18 HAHAHA! Furthermore, we fell asleep for more than half the movie hahaha.  

Yacht Club @ Changi! Beautiful sky for a beautiful night :-)

AMAZING RACE DAY // Final Camp Day 

Thank you Jyrah freshies and seniors for making the 7 day camp so amazingly crazy and fun. It's the small details that made it so great so thank you, every single one of you :-) I do not know how one week could fly by so quickly. This is a great start to uni life, and I do not regret my decision for joining VAM BAM 2015!!