Wednesday, 24 February 2016

"Nobody Can Drag Me Down"

Don't really know what to name this post so it shall just be a line from the song we danced to today.

Lagging quite behind in this blog but 2016 has been crazy and it's only Feburary haha. Just had to put something up here today because feels are strong from attending dance class after sooo long!

Went for a new instructor's class and I tried to focus more on making my moves look better. Feeling really excited about getting back to regular classes every week - missed the feeling of being inspired and pushing myself :-) Obviously it'll have to come with some sacrifices and it's just hard. I guess at these moments I feel a tiny sense of load on my shoulders - why did I sign up for so many things hahaha. I know it'll be worth it, so I got to focus on my goal :-)

With a lot on my plate, let the god of organisation please bestow thou skills onto me so I can do what I love and keep afloat (or even better - improving) my studies.

Pretty good things happened these past two weeks. HOCC happened on the 17th of February [there'll be a separate post on that] and it was such a great experience. Then we had our OMC photoshoot on the 20th, which went pretty well despite the rainy weather. Let's just pray that the footage is as alright as I think it is. On a not so good note I accidentally broke my friend's GoPro camera... On a better note the replacement came today!! Looks good and I can feel less guilty; just having to live this hole in my pocket for the time being.

Back to a positive note, my grades aren't too bad - at least to my expectations ^_^ My teacher commended my submitted work so yay! Also, OMC really liked Pearly and my works that we submitted yesterday. We were really happy!! I didn't have much expectation because while editing on the computer I thought the designs were alright. What a nice surprise to our hard work :-) One last thing to add is that I've been feeling pretty happy everyday knowing my relationships are healthy. Glad to know that I am sticking to my 2016 resolution of being happy and keeping things simple!

Can't wait to have time to go get a new computer from the IT fair happening soon! Then I'll be able to edit my photos in peace without worrying about my computer crashing. I won't have to borrow Pearly's computer anymore too haha.