Sunday, 24 January 2016

Busy 2016

School's just started (on to week 3 tomorrow) and all the commitments are coming together. I think I was feeling much worse the past few days, knowing that all my school/hall commitments cut down time for everything else I want to. I can't go for outside classes because I am too tired and I have to choose between family time and dance time. Calling my dad just now after so long (I don't recall when was the last time I heard his voice), I kind of broke down. His voice and words just got to me; I thought he would have been angry that I hadn't contacted him in a while but all he did was show concern.

Today at dinner Xin Ying and Ben came over and it hit me how little time I spend with my family. She showed me a picture of my new nephew and I didn't even recognize him for a few seconds.

I guess what I've realized tonight is that I am experiencing that triangle effect where I have to prioritize between work, sleep and things I want to do. Some things will just have to wait, and if it is worth the wait then everything will turn out fine in the end :-) One more month and HOCC will be over anyway!

On a side note, I've been wanting to upload photos from some outings I had at the end of December/start of January but haven't had the time. Maybe this week I will :-)

School's been fun with hall dance - it's crazy tiring with training from 7:30pm till 2am four times a week. However, it's so fun being with these hall 2 cuties :') Everyone is so fun and seeing each and everyone improve makes me smile uncontrollably. I hope all our hard work does everyone proud, though I can already see that we'll grow even closer and feel an immense sense of achievement after 17th Feb.

Sometimes it gets tiring having to make friends just to have connections but I just got to persevere and remember why I started I guess. Shall count my blessings and use them to keep me going through this tough time :-)