Tuesday, 10 June 2014

One Year Anniversary ~(˘▾˘~)

Queuing for our entrance tickets!


Buff Chooku 

Buff Juumal 

Hehehe, he looks so tiny and adorable! 

Science Centre has a marine exhibition :-O 

Brings back sad memories :'( Yet such a happy smile


Such a lovely picture :-)
Chek all set for the army, hehe! 

 Chek's attempt to capture the pretty reflections - making us go up and down the lift many times, haha!

Geog student - maah!

Sitting on rock seats.
Exploring new worlds together~
Best exhibition at the Science Centre!

In the lungs!
Juumal & Chooku rate this exhibition: Thumbs Up!
Monk Foo attempting to kill kidneys.
Model Foo~
Strange Juumal
Love the colours in the brain section <3

At the strongest muscle of the body! - The heart
Hehehe, the only parts of our face that can be seen are our teeth :-)
The nervous system
Us being digested!

Entering the big intestines ;-)
Chek and his love for poop - best love story ever 
Our IKEA meal! Everything is delicious :-D
Our desserts~ The chocolate-cream cake is really good!

Whee! It was our first year anniversary yesterday :-) We initially wanted to go to Pulau Ubin and cycle, however it seemed a little rushed. Instead, we decided to visit the Singapore Science Museum! :-) I was really excited because I had not been in their in years, the last time I went was probably hen I was in Primary School. Same goes for Chek :-) In the morning, I turned on my laptop and went online to check out the events at the Science Centre. Everything looked rather interesting. Chek picked me up from Novena and we headed to Jurong East. Bless the circle line because it only takes us 30-45 minutes to reach the West! Upon reaching JEM, I was super hungry so Chek brought me to this amazing Japanese bakery. He persuaded me to buy one bread first, saying that I would be full from it. Just as he said, I was indeed full, hehe! The bread I bought was so good, the bread texture was soft and thick and fluffy. The contents was curry and chicken bits, it was sweet and salty and just really tasty! Traveller Foo brought us to Science Centre from JEM in 5 minutes, and I am impressed with his sense of direction, hehehe!

Sadly to say, I was rather disappointed at the state of the current Science Centre! (≧σ≦) A lot of exhibits had remained and the second floor of the centre was not well maintained at all :-( Plus, I really detest the strange plastic-rubber smell of the place, which makes everything seem fake. I have this feeling towards Haw Par Villa and Lilliputt, and it just makes the place seem very dirty. 凸(⊙▂⊙✖ ) The exhibitions which Chek and I enjoyed most were the Sound exhibition and the Human Body Exhibition. In the Sound room, there were various stations which allowed us to create sounds! One of the most memorial stations was where very thin needle-like magnets looked like cactuses and they moved in motion to music being played. It was extremely adorable and calming to watch :-) Another station was an echo tube where you could shout in it and you would hear an echo. Chek made ridiculous sounds so it made the station 100 times more hilarious! Not forgetting the Math exhibit, which was terrible, utterly terrible because we could not solve anything :'( We tried, but to no avail. We enjoyed the little "house" where people could become bigger and smaller. Chek become so tiny and cute, hehe! :-) Moving on we entered some food exhibition, which was deserted. We noticed that when we entered the Science Centre, there was a lot of children. However, as we went around there were very few kids in the exhibitions themselves. We wonder where they had went. Before entering to our most anticipated Human Body Exhibition, Chek and I viewed the second floor exhibitions. The walls were dirty and some parts of the floor had holes in them. It was a terrible sight. Furthermore, there was one exhibition which tried to imitate the smell of foods, but it came off very distasteful to me.

To end on a happier note, we entered the Human Body Exhibition! ٩(^ᴗ^)۶ We had to enter through a prostatic, large sized human head (as seen above) and slide down his oesophagus. A young boy was following us, and even waited for us when we were taking pictures, we think he was afraid because the exhibition was dimly lit. Hehe, it was a little cute :-) We were very impressed by this exhibition, though it smelled weird too :-( The Science Centre really did a good job on making learning interactive. I've never seen this done in such an enjoyable way before! I remember entering the chamber near the heart and there were strobe lights. My first clubbing experience ever, haha! Chek and I danced around and played with the bouncy balls that were provided. After entering the breathtaking nervous system section (which had beautiful lights and displays), we were going to be digested! We had to squeeze ourselves through tightly packed airbags, which were suppose to mimic stomach tissues. After which, we were further "digested" in the small and large intestine. It was extremely fun having to see each other struggle through the airbags :-)

After the exhibition we decided to leave the Science Centre because our stomachs were being summoned by IKEA food at Alexander Road ❤❤❤ We ordered the usual 20 meatballs, and some chicken nuggets, french fries and a kids size pasta dish. After that we went on to desserts - cheap garlic bread, a chocolate cake and a cheesecake. I am really happy Chek promised me to eat only as much as we could and not over order, hehe! :-)

To end off our eventful day, we compromised and watched Ah Boys To Men 2 (sigh, hehehe) and The Hobbit. At least ABTM2 had a satisfactory ending and the ah bengs in the movie learnt something, instead of always turning to fighting as a solution. The Hobbit was enjoyable and it was in HD! Hehe, I think Chek and I need more background information on Lord of The Rings to understand the story better.

Overall, I really just had such a wonderful day with him :-) Thank you for always considering my feelings and making me feel like someone really special. I cannot imagine having such a cool and funny friend and a loving boyfriend that is not you. ♡(*´・ω・)(・ω・`*)♡

P.S I just found this website which has a long list of super duper cute Japanese emoticons and I cannot stop using them

( ˘ ³˘)(д)ノ゙(✿☯.)( ಠ_ಠ)*ଘ( ॢ̮ᵕ(꒡)