Monday, 2 June 2014

S h o p p i n g

Print outfits from today~

"That edit tho"

Cutie - so handsome yet so pretty *_*

These beautiful shoes, like woah. They're also so comfortable!

Goodness in a bowl.

To celebrate the start of June, we decided to go out shopping on Sunday :-) Mostly because I needed to buy some things too, hehe. Really happy with what I got though! New running shoes (finally after I've lost my old pair like a month ago), new spectacles (my old ones broke just on Saturday night - never trust plastic) and two undergarments! They all were way below my budget and I'm happy for it :-)

We initially wanted to go to town because it has been forever since we went. However, we were both pretty tired from shopping and decides to stay home for a movie instead :-) We watched John Carter and it is a really nice movie! I do not really like the ending though, too vague and it leaves me unsatisfactory. A good movie choice nonetheless. After that we rushed to have dinner because the boyfriend Foo had to be home earlier. We had our favourite Japanese udon shop at United Square! It was delicious, as expected :-) He felt bad because is had to pay for his meals but I guess we got to help each other out, I mean we both are not working yet! Haha.

It has been a while since we dressed up an went out together on a date-date. So it felt really nice :-) Looking forward to post-As when we can spend such days together without worrying about homework and exams. That'll be the life, ahh~ hehe also cannot wait for our Pulau Ubin date next week!! :-) 1 year anniversary with this fat shit!