Sunday, 29 June 2014


遠方 遠方 哪裡才是遠方
原來 愛人不在身邊就叫遠方 遠方

Listening to 盧廣 again feels like, falling in love? Such a strange, beautiful, nostalgic feeling :-) Watching some videos of his live performances and I cannot help but smile. Probably because of his really down-to-earth character and him being shy having to make his fans wait for him to tune his guitar, haha! Whatever it is, it made me start listening to his music again and I get all happy inside. I have always admired his work because majority of his songs are cheerful. On the rare occasions that the song is melancholic, they bring our so much emotions within me as well. Just a short post in appreciation of this wonderful artists who has been with me for 7 years ❣◕ ◕❣