Monday, 16 June 2014

Eventful Sunday ☼

Such a lovely picture <3 (Besides me being cropped out and the two awkward kids at the side, haha!)
Happy Birthday! ^_^

Girl cousins~

F a g i t.

Unexpected :<
That height gradient.
Delicious Mozzarella Cheese sticks :-)
- Wimpy -

My morning started out a little later as usual as we were all just waiting for our late afternoon picnic. Then, daddy called us for a quick lunch at novena :-) He was craving for QQ Rice, hehe so cute! So the Chins spent the early afternoon together eating and shopping for the picnic. Sad that he could not join us for the picnic at botanical gardens :-(

Chek came and we went home to bathe before heading for our picnic! It was a little awkward at first because all the adults were just sitting down on mats drinking one, while the kids just played amongst themselves. Chek, Justine and I felt a little awkward attempting to integrate ourselves. After throwing some frisbees, we decided to join the kids in a game of football! Nicole is really good :-) Sad that Melanie does not allow her to play the sport because her ball sense is amazing. The kids were winning and the three of us just tried our best :-) Then Chek said, "it's time to get serious!" Haha, this joker! Even Marion joined us :-) Afterwards, we played police and thief. I hid myself behind a huge bush of trees and just waited to be caught, but was never found. When I thought it was a reasonable time to expose myself, the kids had already changed game haha! Once more, we played football again. However, because of the unequal players ratio, we decided to split the adults and kids up equally. This time, I got to be the goalkeeper (yay!) and we were saving goals, because Chek, Nicole and one of her neighbours were part of the other team and they were all really good :-) It was really fun playing with the kids and not having to just sit around making new friends. We did not even eat any of the snacks Justine and I bought from Fairprice, haha!

To end off our Sunday, Justine and I had our first virgin taste of Fat Boys at Thomson Road. It was pretty good! We had one Wimpy and a side of mozzarella cheese sticks :-) The journey home was tiring and I almost fell right asleep when I reached home.

So thankful for my family and Chek, and I am happy that Chek does not feel awkward around my family too :-) He said he would go again if my family invited him, and it was a really nice warm feeling inside ^_^