Friday, 6 June 2014


In love with these pictures and edits, hehe :-) Today is the start of mugging month: where I really sit down to study. Well, technically tomorrow because today's spent on completing the poetry comparison essay outline Cheryl and I need to do for consultation next week.

I've made my June holidays schedule and it's really packed. Guess this is what I get for not revising earlier, sigh. Nonetheless! I believe that I can go it. I am not tired, will not be tired because I have a goal. I pray that God will give my friends, Chek and me the strength to persevere in this crucial period. Let me progress and let my hard work be seen through my BT2 results. It is so sad that I am praying for, grades. I should be praying for the happiness of others and good health. This screwed up education system, but I'm not going to let it win. The strong will prevail, and I believe I am strong.

About these pictures, hehe, they were taken after our Econs Battle Session on Thursday :-) Probably because I requested we have more pictures so Chek kept whipping out his phone and saying, "let's take picture!" :-) I really appreciate that he considers what I say. I tend to forget that. We always focus on the flaws of people, but never encourage them for their good points. I am guilty of this and sorry that I do this often. I will try my best to always see the good in others, because no one is born evil. I think our society needs more hope, more understanding, more love. The way I see people treat others, even sometimes for myself, I feel really ashamed.

Haha! This was supposed to be a happy post! What I meant to express was my gratitude to Chek :-) Like, he is my motivation this June Holidays. I plan to study hard everyday, waiting for the times we can spend together.

加油, Juumal! You can do this!

P.S Erica and I went for dance today and it was really really fun! :-) Learnt a lot of new techniques so I'm really happy about it. Even though I sucked at it, you've got to suck at something first before becoming greatest it! Hehe. Also, I saw Zul, Bryan, Mimi, Hakim and Vivian! They treated me with the same warmth as if we were still training together for recital last year. That was really touching :') Such a nice after-feeling. Thankful for such cool, awesome and inspiring seniors who keep growing in their passion. That is something I want for myself too :-)

Swag swag swag on you.