Thursday, 9 October 2014

1st Disposable Film Camera: Kodak Ultra

KODAK ULTRA Compact Single-Use Camera

My friend got me this disposable film camera for my birthday last year but I never really got to try it out until now! I think it's a really awesome birthday/party/wedding gift because of its convenience and ease in functions :-) There's no complicated settings which makes it a great camera for just about anybody!

I also really like the naturally soft look of the pictures that turned out! I think the flash makes the pictures have this really nice old look to it.

These are widely available at local photoshops but my friend said it was about $19??? I find that really expensive, in my opinion. Probably because I own a normal film camera, so it makes no sense for me to spend so much on a film camera I will only use once and have to throw away. We're all just counting on the film anyway!

Here are some of the better pictures that turned our from this camera! :-)