Monday, 27 October 2014

Riding @ Botanical Gardens

Went on a nice, proper date with Chek after some time! :-) Felt really good to de-stress and get away from all the studying and spend it at one of my favourite places in Singapore:
The Botanical Gardens!

Sad to say it’s really crowded on Sundays and I’d prefer it to be less empty, but on the bright side at least I get to see children playing and other cool things ^_^

We decided to bring the Globe mini skateboard to give it a spin, hehe. It was really fun!! The garden has some smooth pavements, which make for easy, breezy riding.

Also, really glad I brought my camera and new lens along because I got some nice pictures!

Afterwards we went to Tanglin Mall to chill and get a quick dinner. I really like the place – they have a cozy-looking Starbucks that seems like a great place to study, they have NANDOS (which I love), they have the Marketplace, Paul’s Bakery and so many more cool shops! Really need to spend some time exploring it after ‘A’s hehe.

163 Tanglin Road

Opening Hours: