Saturday, 1 November 2014

Pizza Hut Party ♨

We initially wanted to get Dominos because they were having a 50% discount off, which is totally amazing because Dominos pizzas are the bomb! However, the rest of Singapore was also planning to get some of those awesome pizzas like us, so the server was busy from 5pm-8pm :-( So, we decided on our next alternative: Pizza Hut! We were lucky to get the promotion, which I think is not bad :-)
 Meat Galore | Seafood Deluxe | BBQ Chicken

Hand Stretched Thin Pizza (Classics/Specialties)

 Look at this happy piggy – we bought an extra box of fried chicken and some carbonara noodles. It was really a feast, hehe.

 Not to mention, my mum bought cheesecake from Cedele today too! It is really good and the ‘cheese’ taste is not too strong :-)

Couple ootd~ Sigh, I look so fat here :/ But whatever man, haha thanks for the Bayern jersey babe :-)