Monday, 24 November 2014

Nihon Mura Kaiten Sushi @ Shaw Plaza

Chek and I wanted to have some sushi. It’s 2 days before his A Level journey ends!! Fun times are about to begin :-)

We decided to head to Nihon Mura @ Shaw Plaza since we like the price and sashimi! This time, we both decided to try something different from their menu.

Nihon Mura Kaiten Sushi
Shaw Plaza – Twin Heights
360 Balestier Road #04-01

Opening Hours:
11am – 10pm

Phone Number:
6255 4197

 We still ordered some salmon sashimi dishes because who doesn't love salmon???

 Chek got chicken katsu & oyster curry rice. The amount of curry given was so little and we were both really disappointed. Also, the chicken was fried till the point it became too difficult to chew. Last but not least, the restaurant was very stingy in the amount of pickles they gave!! That’s one of the most important ingredients in a curry rice dish, I feel. :-(

 I bought udon that comes with a side of chicken katsu. Again, the chicken was too chewy and it really made my jaw hurt to eat it. The udon was pretty alright, so that’s a plus point for my meal.

Overall, I think we are just going to stick to ordering sashimi and salmon rice dons at Nihon Mura. We still enjoy eating there but I guess the other types of Japanese food items on their list aren’t their expertise.

We found some cool lamppost shop while walking to the bus stop! Hehe, real fancy :-)