Saturday, 22 November 2014

The Sam Willows @ Barber Shop by Timbre

Photos taken with my new iPhone 6, yay! \(^_^)/

So Marianne and Cheryl won free tickets to watch The Sam Willows live @ Barber Shop by Timbre. Cheryl was kind enough to give me one of the extra tickets she had :’) Though I am not the biggest fan, but I really enjoy their music :-) They’re one of the coolest locals artists I know.

Turns out I liked them more after I watched them live! They really (and I mean really) put their all into performing. You can tell they just enjoy doing it, and they’re really natural. I admire how singing is their passion and they go all out to do what they’re passionate about. This does not just apply to their performances but other hobbies they pursue too! Something really good to learn from them :-)

All I can say is that the crowd that day was very rude because they kept talking. What’s worse is that it was the adults who kept chattering away as if The Sam Willows were not even there. When someone puts in their 120%, it’s only polite to give them the attention they deserve. I really hope I do not turn out like that.

That kind of made the night worse for me because everyone could tell The Sam Willow members were really angry too.

However, I am still very grateful that I had this opportunity to watch them live :-) This reminds me to always enjoy the moment, give people due respect and be emotionally sensitive to others.

I am also thankful that Marianne, Christianne, Cheryl and I had the chance to  have more deeper conversations :-)