Friday, 7 November 2014

Fridate [Maccha House, *SCAPE]

Lent the boyfriend my old shirt (from when I was quite a tomboy, hehe) and he looks pretty darn good!! ^_^ Glad that it suits him because I don’t wear it anymore.

We decided to have dinner @ Maccha House in Orchard Central – best decision! Felt a little guilty for going on a date with Chek because we are in the middle of A Levels haha! However, when the food came, all thoughts of studying disappeared!

Sometimes I feel that the food there is quite overpriced, but it really depends on what you’re ordering! There are certain items on the menu which don’t match up to their price, but there are also other dishes that are really good!

This is also the only place where I am willing and actually want to eat green tea ice cream, hehe!

Maccha House

#B1-40 Orchard Central
181 Orchard Rd

Opening Hours:
11am – 10pm

Phone Number:
6636 5830

I had a Teriyaki Chicken & Half Boiled Egg Rice Bowl (right), while Chek had a Mentaiko Carbonara udon bowl (back left). He found his one too thick and when I tried it I generally did not like the taste at all. It tasted too salty and of something else, which I cannot put my finger on hahaha.

However, I really enjoyed my rice bowl! It was my first time trying that dish too, so I am happy I made a good choice :-)
Helping me queue from my soft green tea & vanilla ice cream cone~
My soft serve green tea & vanilla ice cream cone! I really cannot get enough of this.

After dinner we head to *SCAPE to look for a friend’s birthday present. This mural is on the way to the toilets, hehe it’s really pretty and artsy.

Yeah, it was a really awesome night – a real good break from the work. Can’t wait for more dates with this boy!! Though we have to cut down on spending because I think our dates are sucking our money away hahaha.