Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Singapore CBD Explorations

Saying my final goodbyes to High Street Centre – this is the place where I studied for most of my A Level period. It was (mostly) quiet and really conducive, knowing that I can’t study at home haha. I never really got the chance to admire the greenery built in, but it’s really pretty. The MXD building really makes me want to get an apartment for myself – a place where it’s just my own little space.

Finally getting my SIM card cut so that it can fit into my new iPhone 6! I’ve waited long but I also don’t feel super impatient or really desire a new phone. I am glad that new gadgets don’t excite me as it used to do (I was a super spoilt child). Haha, but I am also thankful that I have a new phone with greater camera quality :-)

Walking around the Central Business District area with Mama Chin! It feels really good to be free and able to go anywhere I like at random timings now that school is over. I am blessed to have such a long holiday.
Mama Chin enjoying her chee cheong fun at some building, hehe.

Mama Chin brought me to His Glory Cafe for a drink while we waited for the phone shop to open. I ordered a cup of hot chocolate and it was really nice! We both noticed that the shop keeps its customers by creating intimate relationships with them – calling each customer coming in by their first name and chatting with them. It gave off a really nice vibe!

His Glory Cafe
 Clifford Centre #02-03
24 Raffles Place

Opening Hours:
8am – 8pm

Phone Number:
6536 7226