Saturday, 22 November 2014

Lola's Cafe @ Kovan

| Lemon Meringue Tart |
| Seasalt Chocolate Tart with Coffee Cream | French Vanilla Creme Brulee |

Finally after 2 long, tiring and stressful years… JC LIFE / A LEVELS ARE OVER. Every time I just think about how it’s finished, I smile uncontrollably to myself :-) I know that sounds kind of creepy but I’ve never felt so accomplished in my life. I’ve never felt such a humongous burden being lifted from y shoulders all at once. It feels amazing: to sleep late without thinking of the consequences; to plan out what I want to do; to give my hobbies undivided attention.

Anyway, the class went to Kovan to try Lola’s Cafe! We waited so long just to be seated (like ½ an hour??) and we didn't even get in. We were so frustrated and hungry that we just went to eat the Thai restaurant next door.

TIP: Always book a reservation before going to Lola’s Cafe.

In the end, we went over for desserts when the queue died down! Their desserts are really good, form the ones we tried! So I guess the whole “Lola's Cafe" experience became slightly better haha.

Lola’s Cafe
5 Simon Rd

Opening Hours:
10am – 11:30pm

Phone Number:
6284 0349