Thursday, 27 November 2014


$39.90 Bodycon @ H&M. I have yet to get it but oh my gosh it is just beautiful!

Sister bought this maxi dress a while ago when she went to Korea, but she’s lending it to me for my Bali trip! So thankful to have a sister who is the same size as me because my wardrobe gets doubled, hehe!
Wanted to get a substitute for the H&M Bodycon dress because I could not find my size. So, I got this similar shaped one with a really cool modern pattern on it! I got it for $28.80 @ Far East Plaza :-) One of the best places to shop for cheaper clothing hehe.
Bought this lovely pair of slippers from Far East Plaza! There was a sale where the second shoe bought is 30% off, so I bought two ^_^

(I bought new shoes because some heartless person stole my white sandals while I was at Sentosa KARMA WILL GET YOU!)

I can’t stand those slippers that go in between your first and second toe so when I found this pair I immediately fell in love with it!

Also wearing the new spectacles I bought from Eyezone Optical Pte Ltd!

Bought this more tight-fitting simple black dress from H&M at about $19. I wanted to get this because I felt that I need more basics haha. I can match this simple dress with a lot of things too, so I am excited about that! Plus, they look real good with my new slippers!!
When I saw those pants I was like “damn, need them!”, haha. They’re pretty expensive though: $39.90 :-( But I figured since I am going to be dancing more I should invest in a nice pair of pants! Haha, also I felt like spending ^_^

The Aztec shirt was too cute, I could not resist! I can wear it with shorts and jeans and basically almost anything haha. It was about $14!