Monday, 17 November 2014

Break from it all. [Chijmes, Library@Orchard]

Trying out these new presets, and oh my gosh I am just loving them so much ???

Mama Chin made a simple yet super delicious lunch for me :’) 
I really gobbled everything up hehe.
Bacon + bread + salad !!
Mama Chin treated Chek and I to dinner at the Bibigo branch in Raffles City. It was my first time eating there and I really like the food! Of course it’s a little more expensive, but it’s healthier and you don’t leave with the oily disgusting feeling, hehe.

After that I wanted to head to Chijmes to take some pictures since Christmas decorations are up all around the city area already.

 HAHA okay so I actually wanted to come to Chijmes for this. Photos taken from my camera did not even turn out good :-( Oh well, walking is always fun ^_^

 While we were walking, we stumbled upon Library@Orchard! It’s both our first time seeing the place and I really really like it. We saw two available seats (though the library is rather spacious with lots of seats) and sat down for a rest to soak in the atmosphere. It just so happened that we were sitting next to the photography books section! How lucky, hehe. So obviously I went to pick up a book to read :-)

I’ve noticed that “Korea” photography has recently picked up! I think it’s becoming a trend, most likely because the country is filled with a fusion of modernity and tradition.

At first I was just flipping through the pages admiring the scenes of Korea, not realising what the author’s project was about. Suddenly, there were two pictures of the inside of a train – however it was starkly obvious that one picture showed a more developed area while the other depicted a more derelict place. Chek and I suddenly realised that the author was making a comparison between South and North Korea!
(okay yes it sounds stupid – like why did I not just read the summary first?)

I was very impressed by his photography project and started scrutinizing the pictures further. 

I’m glad that I picked up that book because it was really interesting :-)
I can’t wait to go back and read more!!

We walked into Muji, because my OCD-ness pulled me towards the ever so neatly arranged shelves of the store, ahh. When I get my own apartment or something, I want to model it after Muji stores hahaha.

Chek really likes these over-sized (at least to me) bags!! Yes, I agree that they look good with him but I think the size is too ridiculous to be used on a daily basis. I think if he’s using it for travelling then it’s cool, but still, hahaha!