Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Bali 2017

 8AM flight to Bali, Indonesia. Glad for this unexpected trip where I get to relax a bit with my family amidst the hectic 3 month DTT period. It was my cousin's wedding, and by far the grandest/most extravagant but very very enjoyable one I've been to/seen in fact. It was a two day event at different locations, and let's just let the pictures do the talking.

Not much photos of the hotel's exterior BUT IT IS REALLY THE NICEST HOTEL I HAVE EVER BEEN TOO. I am still having withdrawal symptoms... Even though it's my second time in Bali, I really enjoyed this short 2 day+ stay! If you ever go to Bali, be sure to stay near the beaches like Seminyak / Kuta because there's more too see and I think accommodation will be cheaper than in Ubud. Then, take day trip to other parts of Bali like Ubud etc.

Anyway, the hotel we stayed at was Anantara Hotel - one word: gorgeous. Service was amazing, facilities were ample and the beach was just downstairs! I think what really perfected this hotel experience was the breakfast. A good breakfast starts the day right - they have a small buffet ranging from salads, bread & cheese, pastries, local dishes, yogurts, juices etc. Furthermore, they have a menu for kitchen cooked meals like Nasi Goreng, pancakes, egg Benedict and more. Really an amazing range, which pushed me to wake up earlier to eat food hehehe.

Big suite for my sister and I. The sun was out when we arrived at our room so I dragged her out to the balcony to do a short photoshoot hehe.

First event of the wedding - Tea Ceremony @ the pent house

Second event for day one: dinner!! Food was amazing and I got a little high towards the end after drinking wine HAHA so I began chomping down the beef and rice dish like comfort food.

It was really nice seeing old couples and friends go up on stage and dance to the music. I would like that for my wedding hehe - what's a party without dance?

Was supposed to go partying after dinner but my sister and I got so sleepy waiting that we fell asleep HAHA oh well, at least we were rested for day two!

Found out that sour cream + onion + sour dough bread = heaven !! Justine and I also shared a steak & egg dish.

Some desserts nom nom!

After a swim and attempts to tan ourselves while dancing in the pool, we rushed out to shop around with the limited time we had. Nothing much I would say, unless you really like flowy clothes and are willing to spend.

We wanted to grab a quick bite so we looked around for some food but everything we found were american style cafes and no authentic Indo food, so we just settled at a cafe at the end of the road. Cafe food is priced aabout the same as it would cost in Singapore.

We headed to our final event, one hour's drive from our hotel in Seminyak. It ws an immense ly gorgeous villa at the very edge of Bali itself. You couldn't even see the end of the sea as it blurred into clouds. 

Beautiful skies and windy winds HAHA but it was an amazing view.

The wedding was gorgeous with performances (fire dance, dancing) and singing AND FIREWORKS RIGHT IN FRONT OF US. Thank you Bryan & Man Man for such a great time in Bali and may you guys be blessed for many years to come :)