Wednesday, 20 September 2017

SEOUL: Bukchon Hanok Village (북촌한옥마을) | MMCA

First post from Korea, though it has been almost a month since I've arrived here hehe. It took a while to get used to living here: being on my own in a small basement house (haha not kidding); buying groceries; saving electricity; cooking meals; trying to dance; worrying about expenditure; studying and the list goes on. I think the fact that I am blogging kind of shows how life has been getting easier?? Though the only problem that remains at the back of my head ALL the time is the nkorea situation :-( the fear is r e a l. But okay, back to good memories made so far in Seoul!!!

One of the first few attractions we explored in Seoul was the all famous 
Bukchon Hanok Village.

side note: I was only prepared for Winter HAHAHA. The weather in Seoul from end August is still hot af - there are cooling winds, but the sun is relentless everywhere.

We had lunch at this dumpling shop, which is right at the entrance of the hanok village (though there are many entrances actually) - more specifically the one with a school right before the entrance. It was a recommendation from Van who came a few years back :--) NOMS

Looooook attt itttt. One thing I love about Korea is the relative cheapness of food here. I also think food everywhere here is meant to be shared (plus it saves more money to do so). It's quite nice because then people come together more easily to have meals and chat :) 

Also, realised that there is another of this dumpling outlet store in Hongdae - closer to Hapjeong if you continue walking down and past the club area.

Hehe, this is what I love about travelling/walking/impromptu plans. I wanted to visit MMCA (after my wonderful experience in Taiwan's MMCA) in South Korea but didn't really know where it was. After lunch we walked (literally 10 steps) and I saw this small cute lane on the left leading somewhere. I thought we'd just see some shops and head back to the main area of the hanok village but NOPE IT LEAD US TO MMCA HAHA. 

Another interesting and kind of lovely thing about South Korea is that you can find traditional architecture and modern architecture in the same place, all around.

THEN THERE'S A MOUNTAIN VIEW - SAY WHAT. It was a lovely day to be out walking.

This was a winning architecture competition piece on display outside the MMCA building.

I thoroughly enjoyed the contemporary museum, and my expectations from Taiwan did not fail me ^_^ There were artworks to admire and also some more controversial exhibitions that made me think more.

After that we (struggled) went to look for the Bukchon Hanok Village! One thing to note is that the whole attraction is a housing area. There is one famous street which is crazy crowded, plus there is construction going on at one part of the lane. 

There's actually an observatory where you can see a view of Seoul, but we didn't go for it because there was an entrance fee hehe. 

A cute charitable 'store' where you 'buy' what you want and "pay as you like!"
There wasn't anyone to supervise the area.

The famous lane! That's about it really HAHA but yes the architecture is pretty.