Monday, 20 October 2014

14 days to go

Had breakfast at Starbucks Novena today:
a blueberry muffin ($3.60) & a grande lemon passion ice tea ($5.80)
Not that cheap, but still more worth it than Quizno's cafe menu haha! I really

 enjoyed the blueberry muffin and the staff's service ^_^

After 3 hours it got too cold on the second floor >_< So, I moved to the seats outside. At first I could not tell if I was so cold that it felt hot, but then it got really hot like head splitting hot, haha. I got used to it and continued my work here. Too many smokers (like the white collar shirt man on the right) where there’s already so many signs saying, "non- smoking area". Really cannot stand inconsiderate people, man.

So here’s a close up of my drink! I really adore it how the staff at the counter asked for my initials, and when I said “JC” he laughed and replied, “Junior College, something we are all thinking about now.” Hehe, he was really friendly, thank you :-)

Came home to put down my things before heading out for an impromptu dinner with Cheky!

Thought my outfit looked pretty darn cool today, so I just wanted to try on the hat Marianne got me! I think I look pretty awesome, hehe ^_^

Hipster-square ootd hehe - Berks, denim jeans, white v-neck and my fourskin sling bag.

 We had Saizerya for dinner but I did not take any pictures because I was famished :P

After that, we strolled around Toa Payoh to kill some time together :-) I really like quieter neighbourhoods with ground floor retail shops, it really adds to the life of the area. It's unlike developed places with high end brands in your faces - it's peaceful yet happening. Not to mention occasional new shops among the old, now those really make the place unique!

Hehe, Chek and I found some random hipster desert shop selling waffles and  cakes called Les Patisseries! Looks good with waffles priced about $9. Oh! The menu item "salmon with avocado set" @ $11 caught my eye :>

Blur selfies because it's tough to take them with the iPhone behind camera - but they make cool photos nonetheless :>

Felt like taking more pictures together because recently we haven't been taken any! Plus, I really find it a stress reliever to be able to edit pictures and blog about my day :-)

Bought my favourite, and cheapest, ice cream - raspberry ripple with rainbow bread! Chek got durian with rainbow bread, which is really good too! I got so excited and happy when he asked, "want to get some ice cream?" and of course I immediately said, "Y E S!!" ^_^ Simple joys from simple ice cream with my best man.

They sky was pretty cloudless, except for that blob of cotton candy hehe, which made it such a serial scene :> Chek and I were talking and I realised that I've never been inside a community centre before?? How is that even possible. If you asked me what the inside of a CC looked like, I would not be able to reply. Haha, so we decided that next time we would explore more CCs together ^_^