Saturday, 18 October 2014

➳ Study Break Adventures ➳

Saw the sun peeking through the blinds in the school library and thought it was really pretty :-) It looked even better when I was there because the blinds were swaying a bit and it made the sun rays move, like they were dancing, hehe. But yea, hopefully this study break and As will go by as calmly and smoothly like these swaying blinds. ✿✿✿

Chek bought Tom Yum soup noodles from Fork & Spoon Foodcourt @ Novena Square 2. I bought sushi (tuna and california maki) from one of the two Japanese stalls on the same level. The sushi was amazingly good!! I really think the sushi they sell is of good value because prices here are much cheaper while quantities are actually larger!

Price: $$

Value: ☺☺☺


After four hours of tuition (totally shagged from case studies and essays), it started to pour heavily! Fran, Chek and I were almost drenched in the rain while trying to get across to Novena MRT, but it was all fun and laughter :-) Chek decided to keep me company before leaving because I was stranded at Novena due to the heavy rain. So we went to explore!!

Hehe, just being "tourists" and taking pictures at Oasia Hotel right next to Novena Square.

We finally managed to find our way down to a place we were always looking for! Haha, okay that sounded pretty vague but it's part of Oasia Hotel and from the main road level you will see a really cool modern, architectural 'water fountain'. The blue lights coming down from the Novena medical centre is pretty awesome too.

 Haha, okay so I came back again today to the most awesome toilet in Novena, which Chek and I found!

√ Clean   √ Quiet   √ Smells great

Look at the class level of this toilet - just like the ones at big, established hotels hehe. Oh my gosh, I sound like a toilet-critique! Is there even such a occupation, because I don't mind applying for such a job haha! (jk please no) However, a hotel critique does not sound too bad :-) Thinking of all the holidays I would be able to go on!
Yeah! The area near the toilet has this cool wood art put on the wall of a hallway :-) I like how it adds a nice Chinese feel to the place. It actually looks like Chinese words with all the lines.