Saturday, 25 October 2014

Globe Mini from Carousell

Bought my Globe Mini board from this guy!!

Really happy with my buy, I got it for $70 off Carousell. My favourite colour is orange so when my friend found me this offer I was pretty pumped! Some other seller was putting up a Penny for $100 - when I asked him for $90 ($80 at first) he replied coldly, "$99 at Pasir Ris". First, that's way too far for me to travel and he did not even ask where it would be convenient for me. Second, that $1 discount is way to stingy man. Plus, I really did not like the way he replied.

However, the seller of this Globe Mini was really friendly and nice too! He offered to bring the board to where I told him was convenient for me :-) Thanks, man!!

I like that it is quite flexible and makes for easy turns ^_^

Been just skating around a little and I feel like I am getting the hang of it!