Monday, 6 March 2017


  Still, very very tryingly, adjusting back to school life even though recess week just passed. My recess week was just spent... dancing EVEN THOUGH HO JUST ENDED HAHA I DON'T GET IT. Anyway, I really just want a break for myself to get my life back in order (and also find my UE boom sigh I hope I didn't lose it...).

  Hall life is a vicious and strange cycle - when something big ends that's when more work following up the event comes in. It drains energy like crazy but after everything, it's always "it was worth it". I hope all the efforts of leaders and captains will harvest good things and create a greater culture :')

  Doing this in class HAHA because my life is still put back together and my head ain't in the game.

  Excited to start on DTT preparations!! And excited for exchange with my cute friends!! That's what occupies my mind most of the time hehe. Not much other updates but amidst the bad energy and vibes everyone is feeling, I hope the strong grow stronger and closer together ;O;