Sunday, 27 November 2016

Alive Museum Singapore

First time in a "trickeye" museum! Haha, better than my (low) expectations but I think it's because we got student price in the end + there was zero crowd so we had the whole place to ourselves yay! Lesson learnt: always ask for student price :> At least I can check this off my (non-existent) list of things to do in Singapore hoho.

If you notice a difference in quality & contrast in the pictures, it's because two cameras were used (EPL 7 vs. EPL5). Not sure if its the cameras or camera settings but mannn my EPL5 photos look quite dull. And it's always been like this. Think I need to figure it out soon, or like after I make this post hehe.

After Alive, we wanted to go bowling at Marina Square but turns out it is closed HAHA!! But luckily there is always karaoke - went for the most expensive karoke session ever ($35 for 3 hours) but it was probably the most fun experience hehe! When you put a group of dancers into a karaoke room, you get a mini club WHOOHOO! It's awesome when the songs aren't sad Chinese love songs on repeat but like Pump It by BEP and Yeah X3 by CB HAHA!

Hole made in my pocket, and a very very deep one, but wouldn't have spent that Friday night any other way!!