Saturday, 21 March 2015

19/3/15 - 21/3/15

It's Saturday and I am just feeling pretty thankful for it finally being the end of the week! At the same time, I am becoming more reluctant for the weekdays to come...

I braved multiple oil explosions to cook fried sotong for these two BOOBS (below).

Squad Tees - aw yeah! Just missing Rebecca with the green shirt and Erica our leader with her Step shirt.

 It was really a great great Thursday - we continued last week's choreography to "Rather Be" by Clean Bandit. I want to film the 3 of us dancing to it soon :-)

 Tried some salad from Salad Chef @ Square 2 - I really enjoyed it! But I just had to choose wasabi mayo, which was too hot and it ruined my meal :-( Definitely going to try it again next week!!

Felt really pretty and confident yesterday ^_^ Happy I got this dress at the start of the year. 

 Kaiwen's early birthday surprise/celebrations @ Switch by Timbre :-) I had a lot more fun than expected. Thanks for being so friendly towards me, Team Penus~

Met Kaiwen's girlfriend, who is 145cm tall but actually seems so much smaller than that hehehe! You just want to hug her!

 We didn't manage to watch any movie after the celebrations because by the time we got back it was nearing 12am!!

I managed to capture this cute moment as Chek was still lazing around in bed :-) He asked me to move over to his left side - thinking he wanted to hug me I happily got ready to move... BUT the truth was he just wanted to get back to his normal comfy bed and make me lie on the makeshift one :-( I have been deceived by his actions and Lurve.

Forgot to take a picture with the rest who came to play frisbee (Osmond, Eugene, Ken & Eileen)!
Hehe, had a really fun time getting tan/sweating and of course playing frisbee with these people ^_^ Quoting Pearls: "even though we were laughing most of the time" it was great fun pun bun sun hehehe.

Pearly, Christabelle and I went to J8 and had lunch - I bought Rebecca's birthday present AT A SUPER GOOD DEAL. Yeah, that made my already awesome day even better hehe.

When I got home I just showered, relaxed and used my phone - I managed to catch up with some friends. Also, more plans for the week ahead are being made so yay! They are the main reasons why I managed to get through the week of work: sitting on my butt for a total of 6 hours a day trying to occupy myself with something BUT also trying to be discreet about it :<

Shall end this post on a high by reminding myself how much fun these past two days have been :-) Can't wait for the birthday surprise tomorrow hehehe ^_^