Monday, 14 July 2014


Mr Foo Chek Siang decided to give me a surprise today, and all I could say (repeatedly) was, "I am so underdressed (compared to you)!"

Hehe, but I was really really surprised and happy :-) He bought me a single pink rose and dressed up really nicely too, while I stood there in my Recognize! recital shirt and black shorts. We initially wanted to go out to take photos but I was bleeding and felt horrible, so we stayed home for the Sunday :-) Being the fatty that I am, I was craving KFC and we ordered the Hearty Box. Chek, Justine and I watched Rango on the computer together while we munched on our horribly unhealthy lunch, hehe. The movie was alright but the company was great :-)

Time passed by really quickly, I was quite shocked, and for the rest of the time we laid in bed just talking about things I cannot quite remember now. However, it was fun taking weird photos and videos with him :-) We even had a little mini photoshoot in my room (the pictures above) and Chek seemed quite happy with his look today ^_^

So happy to see him laugh uncontrollably and just being weird with him :-) I prat God gives me the strength to become a better person who will be more appreciative of such a great person whom I can call my own.

He makes me happy, he would never hurt me and he's just a simple adorable boy. What more can I ask for? :-)