Thursday, 10 July 2014

H-Day II

Last of the many extra holidays that have been given to me. Really blessed for them! To end it off, today was spent adventuring with my favourite pengu, Chookurella~ I was feeling pretty tired (from yesterday's match) and extremely warm because of the heat, so I had a really strong urge to swim. Being the worrywart that I am, I was extremely tensed when we were back at my old condo. Just before we went to swim, an old man came up to Chek and started talking to him, telling him his life story. I did not really know the context but I heard something about his maid stealing from him (?) Also, when the maid told him it was time to go, he shouted something about wanting to hit her. I just hope that nothing happens between those two, ahh what a strange encounter.

The swimming part was extremely enjoyable though because I forgot everything and just had fun with Chek :-) We did so many stupid things like make ourselves sit on the bottom of the pool while flipping each other off. We also dragged each other in the pool, testing out physics by floating in an "airplane" stance (still see it as a ninja stance though, hehe) and other crazy things like koala-swimming ^_^ Oh, we also played frisbee and Chek gave me tips on improving my throws :-) And of course, we took a few photos ! I hope the film turns out well :-)

The bathroom toilets at the pool kind of scare me, and I really wanted to see how my old house was again. Hence, we decided to shower in my old unit! It was really exciting and nostalgic, showing Chek where I used to study and sleep :-) When we were going to shower, Chek noticed that the water was brown and we were both quite freaked out. We used the other bathroom to shower instead and all was well but that experience was not helping with my feelings of uneasiness.

For dinner, my mum's friend - Elaine - came over to cook Mee Sua soup (as seen above). It was really delicious :-) And I carefully listened as she recited the recipe steps to my mum, wishing one day I can prepare meals like that, hehe.

Anyways, I had a really great time today because I also enjoy going on strange adventures with this poop! Hehe, so glad that I have someone to do weird shit with, to laugh hysterically with and to create shared memories with ^_^