Wednesday, 23 July 2014

✿ Mid-Week Happiness ✿

OOTD - Simple because I was lazy hehe


Poor Chek felt sick today and even vomited :-( I was really worried for him so I rushed off to surprise him with an isotonic drink and some snacks (according to Rachel and sources, isotonic drinks would be helpful to replenish the liquids he lost from vomiting). Hoping to surprise him at his doorstep, I was surprised myself that he was not at home, making my plan a failure :< However, we still met at Junction 8!

I managed to pass him the mini-gifts and I was happy to know he was touched by my actions :-) We bought Subway sandwiches to eat (because we are pigs) and just enjoyed each others' company!

I did not want to keep him from resting so we had to split ways earlier, but I am glad that I got to see him and know that he was getting better ^_^

23 July - Birthday Dinner

It's Mama Chin's birthday today! We did not hold a very big celebrations but we went to YingThai (a Thai restaurant) to have dinner, because Mama Chin likes the food and desserts there :-) The food is really nice, but I am still not quite used to the sweetness of Thai food, hehe. I could tell Mama Chin was really enjoying her Red Ruby Dessert which comprised of chestnuts, coconut milk and ice. It feels really nice that our relationship is getting better and that she also enjoys my company. I really hope it remains this way and even gets better :-)

୨୧ᕼᗩᑭᑭY ᗷIᖇTᕼᗞᗩY୨୧ ୨୧ᕼᗩᑭᑭY ᗷIᖇTᕼᗞᗩY୨୧ ୨୧ᕼᗩᑭᑭY ᗷIᖇTᕼᗞᗩY୨୧ ୨୧ᕼᗩᑭᑭY ᗷIᖇTᕼᗞᗩY୨୧

I took out my fisheye lens and was just playing around with my iPhone camera as we walked away from the restaurant, so the above pictures are just "night life" of the evening, hehe!