Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Singapore Art Museum (SAM)

We were both feeling better and craving Macdonalds pancakes!! Hooray for public holidays ^_^ 

 When he notices an exposed belly button and then attempts to poke the hell out of it.

 Weew - model material~

He just wanted to devour his pancakes, but I wanted to take pictures HAHA!

Finally at SAM! One week late date :-) Lovely surprise that entry into SAM is F R E E for Singaporeans!!

 Part of one exhibition, which used lockers that had peep holes! These were some images you would see through the whole. The reason why I have pictures of these is because I was too short to see through top lockers, haha!

 Another piece that was trying to raise awareness of the deteriorating air quality in Bali due to processes such as urban sprawl.

 A room exhibiting The Artists Village (TAV), which originated in Sembawang.

Hehe, I find it cute how these skeletons look like they're going, "wow" / "nOpe" / "gUurrl".

"Ain't nobody got shit on Chek"

 Really liked this piece!! They're suppose to be bombs falling from the sky - the irony of it is that there are angel wings attached to these shells, heh.

^ Natural poser ^

 This boy got to work on taking straight pictures HAHA.

 Was leaving SAM feeling pretty unsatisfied for some reason, then I realised we had yet to check out 8Q!! 8Q is another building with more art exhibitions. Chek commented that he felt 8Q was more for kids. I really enjoyed the short animations, especially those from NTU ADM!

On a side note, I met Akhwinder there!! It was her first day of work as a museum guide too hehe. She said Yingying was working at 8Q too, but I didn't see her.


YAYE! At least this long weekend did not all go to waste due to us being sick ^_^