Tuesday, 2 June 2015

27/4/15 - 31/4/15

 Random drive out to get waffles because sister chin was craving for some!!

 Tried these awesome waffles, which would have tasted even more awesome if I wasn't sick :-(

Ice3 (Ice Cube)

11 Kensington Park Road

Opening Hours:
4pm - 1am (Mondays to Thursdays)
4pm - 2pm (Fridays & Saturdays)
2pm - 1am (Sundays)

Phone Number:
6282 8126

 Our plan to surprise Nicole for the second time - more like to make up for our failed surprise on Tuesday - FAILED YET AGAIN! HAHA, sigh.

On the bright side, we got a really nice red velvet cupcake for ourselves from Plain Vanilla! On the not so bright side of the already not bright side of our situation... TWO BIRDS DECIDED TO TAKE A POOP ON MY SHOULDERS. W0rst, but it makes for a funny story to remember.

Derp doge doing derp things.

The boy is back for the long weekend!! :-) However, we were both sick so it was more of a recovery weekend than anything else hoho!

 Bucket hat, gahhhh.

 <u r trash hehehe>


 Someone perfecting her solo, weew!

 This the team - D S HIP HOP

Missing Zhineng and Tianning though D;