Friday, 30 May 2014

Juumal & Chooku Adventures

BT 2 GP Paper is over! Whee :-) But I should not be celebrating so soon, because there is still Litertaure, Econs, Geography... However, I am happy that for the moment I can focus on the upcoming OCIP Selection Camp!

After our paper, Chek and I went straight to Balestier Plaza to have some KFC (cheat day, all day, every day hoho). Following that we watched X-Men: Days of Future Past. It was wonderful! Even watching it for the second time :-) I must admit I was a little distracted because Chek was literally shivering in the theatre and I was tying to keep him warm :-( Worried for him, urgh. I am glad he enjoyed the movie! He also tried to explain the whole Wolverine waking up in the future concept to me, so I learnt more about the movie the second time :-)

Thursday nights = Tuition nights. So, we went for tuition as usual followed by our chilled Novena Square/ United Square exploration sessions afterwards :) It was a lovely day to give me energy for the next two strenuous days of screaming and scolding and worrying and of course having loads of fun :-)

Thanks Chookurella! (We have too many nicknames, I don't know which one to choose)