Tuesday, 6 May 2014

“The humble Cumulus humilis - never hurt a soul.”

cu·mu·lo·nim·bus  noun \-ˈnim-bəs\

This evening's sky is exceptionally beautiful :-) It's been like this the past few days, so I guess it makes up for the extremely intolerable weather. Stayed back to study in school today doing my Literature essay and studying Geography, and I got to watch this amazing sky (-: A strange nostalgia swept through my body (Lit poem, haha!) while walking from school to the bus stop. I found myself remembering those late evenings spent studying (with quite an amount of talking + eating) in school with friends last year. When we'd head home after the sun set and the school was almost empty. Promo days sure were tedious, yet at the end of each day I felt a sense of achievement and even though I went home alone, I enjoyed those peaceful moments I had for myself.

It's just a crazily-insanely-beautiful feeling - gratefulness - Such a strange emotion that does not come often but when it does it overwhelms the body and the soul. I told Chek today how I wanted to go home with him after he ended school. However, I knew it was time to start getting serious, for myself. I can always see him on the weekends and I intend to make this my goal: study hard on weekdays, reward myself on the weekends. Of course, I will revise more on weekends but any time spent with him is a break from everything :'-)

Not much. My life is not made of much from any person's point of view. However, I am so happy, in this right moment, for my friends - those with me everyday and those I rarely get to meet. For Chek - multiple reasons, hehe. For God - bestowing such beauty onto our Earth (just recalled Marianne saying that clouds are fluffy because God decided to prettify the skies!).

I just hope that I have the energy to persevere in these tough times! Looking forward to a new day and a new chance :-)