Thursday, 7 May 2015


Nihon Mura buffet @ Punggol Plaza on Tuesday evening with the foo man!

 Ma boy got his hair shaved ^_^ Good thing he did it before in the past, so it wasn't such a drastic shock for me hehe. He gets a bigger shock when he sees himself in the mirror HAHA!

 He looks like he's already been through BMT in this picture, HAHA!

Sunset vs. Sunrise

The sky has been very beautiful lately :-)

 Morning wake up call: 6AM - BUT this little poop could not sleep and kept waking me up asking me is I was awake and then laughing to himself. ERMERGED HAHA!

 En route to Pulau Tekong!!

 Final goodbyes before he needed to fall in and leave :'( The night before I was not feeling sad at all, in fact I was excited for him to go make new friends and memories!! However, watching him leave the parade square made me tear :-( COME BACK SAFE LITTLE FOO!

^ Foo Family ^