Wednesday, 13 May 2015

TAIWAN 2015 DAY 3: Monster Village, Xitou Nature Education Area, Fengjia Night Market

 We made our way back to Gangcheng Bus Station the next day to take a bus to Xitou!

 She posed for this ^

 We arrived at the Monster Village. Truthfully, it's a huge disappointment. I have no idea what this attraction has to offer, except good cheese cake.

 Goon though this was cute so we bought some to try - it's really just average.

 Another weird sign!!

 These balls have custard inside, they were pretty nice. However, the whole attraction only has small stores selling confectionaries, which gets pretty gelat after a while.

 We somehow walked into this extremely quiet neighbourhood that seems deserted.

 Photoshoot for Goon before she leaves for the UK.

 All ma friends are model materials *_*

 This cheesecake is the bomb!!!! We had to finish it up because we decided to exit the monster village and head to the Xitou Nature Education Area for an impromptu hike.

 Melon ice cream, which was pretty good! Not recommended to get one on your own because it's really filling and the favour will be too much after a while.

 Whee! Yep, this hike made our trip to Xitou worth it :-) We initially wanted to go to this bamboo forest on the other side of the forest but we were lured by this enchanting looking bridge.

 I love how there is a house in the midst of the trees.

 Adventure awaits!

 Goon made me chase this bee and take (a lot of) pictures of it HAHA. HOPE YOU ARE HAPPY GOON - actually she wasn't, because she wanted me to get a side angle of the bee PSSHHHHHH WHATEVER HAHA!

 We reached the meadow - which was not part of our goal for the hike but it was still super magical nonetheless ^_^

 As you can tell, it was a really calming place to be. I loved how it was misty and how the trees seemed to surround the building, and us.

 Goon's masterpiece - she be a pro at panoramas oh yeah!

 The last thing we did inside the forest - walk along this tall bridge. A little sad we did not get to see the Giant Tree and Giant Rock.

Edit: I just googled images of the tree and rock. I guess we did not miss much after all HAHA. I would say the Meadow is more worthwhile a climb ^_^

 Our climb back down! Really happy we managed to do a few nature walks on this trip :-) It's a shame Singapore's limited land disallows for such beautiful scenery. So I'm glad I managed to explore the natures of other countries. Shall make this part of my travel goals hehe!

 大腸包小腸! This tasted really good! I love it~

 Oh my goodness, this fried squid was the bomb. Now I know why they say Fengjia Night Market is one of the best. It's really very big and the food is good!

 Onion pancake!!! So so good!

 Hehe, of course we must eat Taiwanese sausages when in Taiwan!

 When you can't win them, take a picture of them.

 Back in the hotel when our tummies have been satisfied~

(I have a very weird skin colour in these pictures)

Got hair extensions @ Fengjia night market HAHA! Hair grow faster please :-(