Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Sunday, 21 September

Went for a frisbee session with the ALS people from AJC! It was so much fun seeing everybody again :-) Jiamin, Miguel, Aloysius, Truman, Likxian and Jiayun! I got tanner too, so that's a bonus hehe.

Also, I got another haircut because of Friday's terrible haircut hehe, and I am really happy with the result! I got it cut at the QB House at Square 2. At least now my hair is more or less at the same length (though my fringe still looks funny). Best $12 haircut ever, now I am never going back to haircut appointments haha.

Plus points for Yingjie because he bought me pudding! Hehe, Justine and him are too cute :-) It's Paris Baguette pudding too! Oh, bless their souls~ Could not resist taking a photo of the adorable packaging.

Tuesday, 23 September

Don't usually post ootds but just wanted to share that Chek and I had the most random retail therapy session haha. We bought these batman leggings at Cotton On! They were $10 each but really adorable :-) I can't believe Chek actually bought a pair too (I think he did not realise that they were girl leggings haha).

Wednesday, 24 September

Cheryl bought Bean Boozled Jelly Beans which is some kind of prank food which people eat as a game amongst friends. Identical-looking jelly bean flavours inside the box actually have different tastes - for example, the green ones can either be juicy pear or booger.

Unlucky Juumal is unlucky and I ate the booger flavour, on my first try! What have I done to deserve this :-( Haha, but it was all a good laugh for everyone because the jelly bean was stuck on my tooth which meant that the taste lingered on for much longer :-( Not to mention, I tried to drink some ribena to wash the taste down but ended up spitting everything out of my mouth because Cheryl told a funny joke :<

Haha, overall it was a productive and fun day with my classmates :-)

Friday, 26 September

Finally got to see how Mar and my pillow design came out! We volunteered to design some pillows for Mr Peh and Ms Jiang. I am super happy that it turned out real nice! I like how it's not totally coloured and yet how it's pretty detailed at the same time :-)

I hope the teachers liked the gifts!
Random lego racing car put up at Velocity! Pretty cool though.

Chek + my delicious dinner! He had tomyam noodles and I had a Japanese set meal. It was really good - I like Kopitiam but it can be a little more pricey that I'd like it to be :-( Please remember us kiddos who are not working yet! Hehe.