Thursday, 4 September 2014

A Good Wednesday.


Pseudo holidays are here! Taking a break from being in the midst of prelims seems pretty surreal. I would never have imagined that I would feel so calm during this period of time, haha. But I am still glad that I have this mini break to spend time with my favourite people in the world!

Today was just such an amazingly productive day, most probably because Human Geography paper went pretty okay. I am hoping for the best~

After the paper, I went with mama chin to collect my baby camera (Canon AE-1) who has recovered from his ailments - algae + a spoilt spool. He's up and working but now the battery is dead and I am pretty bummed out because of that :-( I can't start taking pictures as soon as possible! Plus, the battery (L28 Volt 6) is super hard to get.

Anyways, we went to run quite a few errands - buying foods for Teachers' Day celebrations and buy roasted chicken for Thursday's dinner. Mama chin brought me to a delicious Indian restaurant called "Nalan Restaurant". I just adore Indian food and the milk tea they served was the best I've ever tried - so milky and so rich.

Chek came over to watch some Doctor Who (haha I swear we need to get out more, no way am I going to turn into an otaku couple) as usual, before heading out for Nicole's performance at SJI!

It was the first time I had been to the Bishan compound, which was previously the ITE campus as well. Seemingly small, the interior gave off a very cozy feel and I really liked it. Chek and I watched the performances and there were some really talented people! Nicole was about to start her section when she faced technical difficulties + stage fright and forgot her lyrics. An intermission gave her time to recollect her thoughts and after which she finally performed! :-) So proud of her for being such a brave sotong and pushing herself. I hope she can achieve much more in the future.

Nicole gave us a tour of her school and this is what I like about Nicole - when she does something, she does it full-heartedly and not half-assed. She was so enthusiastic in answering my questions; it really makes one feel important :-)

To end of the night, Chek and I had dinner at S-11! I had Astons again and Chek had his Korean chicken rice bowl, again. Haha! Next time I am definitely going to order what he did because it is really good!

Lastly, I just want to thank God for being so kind in allowing me to relax in this tough period :-)