Wednesday, 15 April 2015

JAPAN 2015 DAY 8: Kyoto Day Trip - Bamboo Grove & Tenryu-ji & Kinkaku-ji & Fushimi Inari-taisha

On our way to Kyoto for a day trip! Had to get a shot of this place because it's exactly like in those Japanese High School animes! Children would be playing at those baseball fields; people would be cycling past above the green patches; couples would be walking by HAHA.


Worst breakfast experience ever - SMOKE EVERYWHERE. Can't blame anyone because the restaurant welcomes smokers and we sat in the smoker area... Furthermore, we sat in a corner, SO SMOKE CORNED US MEHHHHHH!

Food was good, but the smoke made us choke gahh.

A really beautiful scene before our walk towards the famous Bamboo Grove in Kyoto!!

Things we saw en route to the Bamboo Groves ^_^

One of my favourite quotes :') A happy surprise for me!

Random crab stick store within the Bamboo Groves haha!

Next up: Tenryu-ji! It's within the Bamboo Groves.

Beautiful beautiful cherry blossom, like wow.

:-) Got some pretty bird shots!

We decided to walk back to the station because it began to drizzle. Weew, the walk was very scenic and peaceful :-)

The famous Kinkaku-ji! There were a lot a lot of tourists here :O

Our obsession with moss HAHA - moss just seems so beautiful in Japan. We are weird. But still, MOSS!

BEST DANGO I HAD IN JAPAN. ONLY REGRET WOULD BE THAT I DID NOT BUY MORE, HAHA! But I am still so thankful Chris and I decided to walk a bit further to get these delicious sticks of dango~

En route to Fushimi Inari-taisha!

The start of our pretty tedious, but amazing 2 hour long walk up!!

Met this cute cat, named "Oscar" by Chris :-)

So many Japanese people carry transparent umbrellas. It's a really pretty sight when your travelling on the road :-)

Up up up!

WE MADE IT! Thankful to Chris for being a stubborn gal - she insisted in a non-confrontational way that we would be able to make it to the top before sunset. THANK GOODNESS WE LISTENED TO HER! I do not regret the walk :-)

Walking down, we were graced with beautiful sunlight that followed us as we descended!

The faint blue sky.

Chris and Jodie wanted to wait for the sky to get dark and see the city lights. We were freezing like crazy because the wind was so so strong! My fingers were numb from waiting for them >_<

But, we were graced with this wonderful sight of crows flying by against the sky that was slowly losing colour :-)