Thursday, 9 April 2015

JAPAN 2015 DAY 2: Imperial Palace & Shimokitazawa & Ikebukuro

This was probably one of my favourite days in Japan :-) Weather had cleared up, we had so much fun and scenery was amazing!


 Really pretty art in the subway stations! Wish I could see more of this in Singapore :-)

We found an ice cream vending machine and couldn't resist ourselves despite the cold weather hehe!

 We walked out and found amazing places for good photos :-)

 Gah, Tiffany's eyes are closed :-(

 Hehe, I really like this shot!

And finally, we get to see some cherry blossoms!!!

 Hehe, yep one of my favourite shots form the trip ^_^

 While taking a selfie with these bootiful flowers, the strong wind came and pushed them onto my face HAHA. It was really funny and cute, hence my authentic smile and laughter ^


 Sherianne's hair makes for a good model :-)

 Chris embracing her inner cherry blossom princess feels!

 I don't know if we are allowed to do that.

 A stranger (photographer) started taking pictures of us when he saw us trying to copy The Beatles famous photo. After a few attempts, he came up to us and suggested we count our steps to make a more successful shot. Then he asked if his girlfriend could join in the shot too HAHA! A strange but interesting encounter :-)

The East Garden!

 Christabelle Lek (LAKE) ^_^

We moved on in search for Shimokitazawa - which is supposedly a popular shopping area amongst the youth. It took us pretty long to find it though! However, in the process (of getting lost) we met a very kind lady who brought us back to the station :-)

 This ramen shop in Shimokitazawa was really really good! I enjoyed the noodles and the sauce just as they were together!!

 Buying hot green tea to warm our hands.

 This shop sucked so much money from me haha, I swear if I come back here I'll probably buy even more things >_< #guilty

To end the day, we headed to Ikebukuro, which is suppose to be famous for its games and anime shops! We went into an arcade and spent around 2 hours inside!!

 We played Mario Kart!! Super fun with more people :-) Oops, sorry about the face :s

Neoprints session = crazy, uncontrollable and loud laughter due to ridiculous increase in eye sizes + stupiak edits HAHA!

Good day good day :-)