Monday, 13 April 2015

JAPAN DAY 6: Traveling to Osaka & Pokemon Centre

 Packed our luggages, that were already pretty heavy - haha at least for the other 3!! Lugged them to take the Shinkansen train to Osaka ^_^ Exploring a new area of Japan!!

 We were really intrigued by such a random escalator - but look at how beautiful it is ??? Really felt like I was part of a sci-fi film :-) cools!


 Look at these gorgeous cakes - how?? how??

 I wanted to buy them all :-(

 Bought a cheaper bento box so I could splurge more on desserts :-)

 Naah, personally I did not enjoy this!! It's not red bean inside :-( I don't even know what's inside >_<

 C A K E ! ! ! It was really good, minus this coffee part hehe.

Loving the females-only carriage on trains ^_^ I don't even know why, but I get excited when we are about o board this special carriage.

 Chris expressing our happiness towards our Osaka apartment perfectly!!! Yep, love love it! (Especially the blanket Chris has around her waist)

 Pretty amazed at the number of Pokemon characters there are haha!

After shopping we had some awesome soba for dinner!! The tofu accompanying the sets were amazing as well :-)

 Mango-Yuzu Sorbet ^_^

Tried choya for the first time - and I must say that I like it a lot :-) weew!