Wednesday, 8 April 2015

JAPAN 2015 DAY 1: Shinjuku & Artnia - Square Enix

 On our flight to Tokyo! I was taken away by this sight - clouds that looked like one huge blanket under our airplane.

Thanking God that both us and our luggages reached Japan safely :-)

 We took a limousine bus from the airport to Grand Hyatt Tokyo, which is near(er) our airbnb apartment.

 Cosy little place in the Roppongi area!

 There's actually a cemetery right below our apartment building, hoho.

 Seeing this tree from across our apartment building got me excited to seeing cherry blossoms up close for the first time!!

We decided to get Pasmo - like an ez-link card - to get around Tokyo for the first few days when we did not have our JR Pass yet.

~^Important to note^~

 We stopped by Shinjuku to explore the area as well as find some lunch to fill our hungry stomach from all the travelling.

This shop (and actually quite a few ones in Japan) is super cool! You order your meal like getting drink from a vending machine. After inserting money into the machine, press your choice of ramen and a ticket will be produced. You then pass the ticket to the waitress/waiter and they will prepare the meal for you.

I'm guessing they do this to reduce the number of manpower needed, and hence cut cost haha. However, it was still a cool and different experience :-)

 We sat on the non-smoking floor, thank goodness for that.

 Jodie's ramen dish! Their eggs are so good - I've never liked half boiled egg yolk so much!!

 My bowl of ramen :-) I loved the soup base - so creamy and delicious hehe.

 This is just how cold it was in Japan - the first day was the worst!! My whole face was really dying from the cold, not to mention my hands :-(


Haha, truthfully I did not even know this place existed but it was a pretty cool concept! Apparently it's both a cafe and a shop for the company - Square Enix - that created Kingdom Hearts and some other stuff haha!

HAHA, Tiffany's reaction to Jodie's drink - it was soooo bad. I'm guessing big fans of Square Enix's works may enjoy the creative alcoholic drinks more haha.


 PANCAKES!!! So delicious hehehe.

 First night's dinner: convenience store food hohoho!

Haha, first and only night we used that table to eat dinner. There was not anything interesting on the TV anyway heh.

Glad we did not feel too tired out from our first day in Japan! :-) Though the next few nights to come would be worse HAHA!