Wednesday, 1 April 2015

The holidays are here for good!

My time as a receptionist for the past 2 months have come to and end! Thinking back, I really cannot believe that 2 months have actually passed by just like that? I am really glad I've managed to work and earn holiday cash as well as do the things I enjoy + spend time with the people I treasure the most :-)

Balance is the way to go!

Furthermore, the upcoming trips just seem to make me smile uncontrollably - knowing that the months ahead are going to be just awesome ^_^

 Really like this shot of my gals - hehe thanks Pearls for suggesting to stop at this mural to take pictures!

 Sweggy sweg - too bad this selfie did not do the beautiful painting justice.

 Our main mission of the day was to visit Erica at her stall in Liang Court!! Visit #01-02 for cool knickknacks and inspiring social projects taken on by individuals!!

 (What the above art display was about)
I love the idea! Furthermore, it's really cool because Cheryl thought of this concept of "beneath the layers" of people. I found it really interesting and inspiring how different people take on different forms of art to express their ideas. That just made me really happy hehe.

 Met Cleo (what a cool name!) for the first time - she's a colleague (?) of Erica's and she's super friendly whee!

Here's a shot of Pearls promoting "be movement sg"!

New friends! :-)

 Bought this really nice & simple watch for $15 at the store!! I like it a lot because I've been looking at such designs for a while but all the ones I've seen are way too expensive :-( So I'm super duper pleased with my buy ^_^

 Udon with these cuties because I cannot get enough of this udon place OM NOM NOM!!

Tamoya Udon

177 River Valley Road
32 Liang Court

Opening Hours:
11am - 9:30pm

Phone Number:
6337 0301

 After leaving Liang Court, we headed back to Clarke Quay to get to City Square. We watched "Cinderlla"!! I enjoyed the cinematography and the way the characters were portrayed. Other than that, the plot line was pretty much the same haha.

Late night dinner for this one hohoho!

Wonderful day spent with them and a great way to end work :>