Monday, 30 November 2015

AFA 2015

Walked around the bay area (I call it this because it's not town and it's near marina bay haha) to kill time while waiting for Chris to come. Brought my DSLR out today to play and finally got some satisfying shots!! While contemplating to take it out from my bag to take ^this^ shot, I realised how heck care I was in the past. I

/ was more daring /
/ was less caring /

about what I wanted to do and about what others thought of me. This short reflection really kind of helped me regain a bit of that courage today heh.

Loving this feeling / re-beginning of going out to take photos and coming back to edit them :-)

Christmas!! This is a pretty cool piece - the description said that art like this doesn't always have to be commercial. The creator was inspired by the architecture of churched in Europe, and how the light shined through and reflected.

I was walking and I think something caught my eye from the corner. I looked up and saw a group of cosplayers trying to cramp themselves into this tiny pill-shaped lift. It was a really cute sight! I imagine they were trying to have a cool photoshoot with the uniquely designed lift.

Walked and walked and found myself at this rooftop garden at Marina Square - this place is so confusing to navigate around in. Anyway, I think this place would look really nice with the fairy lights on!! I came at a time too hot - my skin felt like it was burning under the sun haha.

AFA 2015 ??? Feels so long ago since I've been to this annual event haha. The excitement isn't as strong as it used to be but it was fun trying to guess what characters people were dressed up as I guess!

Sad me because the cat didn't hug me SOBS. 

^^ Things to do to get freebies (what Chris did hahaha)


Fact 1. Domo dislikes violence, drugs and alcohol.

Fact 2. Domo has 4 teeth on his upper and lower mouth.

Fact 3. ??? (I can't remember what the sign said)

^ Probably the highlight of the day because DOMO-KUN! Hahaha, I don't even know how I got into this character back in primary school such that people thought I really liked him. So they would buy me Domo stuff for my birthdays.

Nah, but it was a really good day from burning hotplates at Korean BBQ to being Chris's personal financial controller at AFA to trying to spend our coupon money but ending up buying crap food HAHA.